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Constinople Sounds is a unique network and directory, catering to the likes of bands, solo projects, radio, label, e-zines, etc of an experimental and/or avant-garde nature.

Not to be confused with any ordinary "network" or "directory", Constinople Sounds members are a close knit, assisting each other in booking shows, radio appearance and airplay, compilations, distribution, etc.

To join Constinople Sounds, please e-mail the following information to

Web Site Name:
Web Site URL:
Location:(city, state or providence, country)
Contact Person:
Contact E-mail:
URL Link: (of where we can find your link to Constinople Sounds)

3 requirements:
1. Content must be of an experimental or avant-garde nature.
2. A link must be placed somewhere on the submitted web site.
3. All members will be registered to a required newsletter consisting of Constinople Sounds related material.

If you have any further questions, you may e-mail us at